Travel Vaccine Clinic

Not every trip away from Ireland needs a travel vaccination. However, with so many people now travelling to far away and different destinations, the question of travel vaccination needs to be considered. If you are travelling abroad, feel free to contact our practice for travel vaccination advice for your particular trip. If you give us details of your destination, date of departure, duration of stay and the purpose of your trip, we will be happy to advise if travel vaccination is advisable for that particular trip.

If you decide to proceed with your travel vaccination at Millbrae Surgery, you will be offered a Doctor’s appointment to fine tune the advice for your trip. You will be able to have your vaccinations at that same visit if you wish. All common vaccinations are stocked and will be administer by our experienced Practice Nurses.

We are also a designated Yellow Fever Centre and will issue the International Yellow Fever Certificate for your trip. We will also provide information not ravel advice for your destination, health risks and othervaccinations if required.


When should I attend for my vaccinations?

As soon as you have received the information on your travel vaccine requirement, you can make a suitable appointment with the practice.


What is the cost?

When your vaccination need is determined, we will be happy to inform you of the total cost of vaccination with us